Haimney represents the following artists exclusively, whom are featured internationally through Haimney’s collaboration with Artsy.net. Haimney works with several independent curators, including Irene Carbonari, who works alongside gallery director and curator Michelle Haber, and with Mariano, our director and founder.

Besides working exclusively with the following artists, Haimney collaborates with other artists on a non-exclusive basis, including Syncrodogs, Pabli Stein, Alfredo Williams, Andres Weissman and several others.

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Riccardo Nannini (a.k.a. Cane) was born in 1980 in Grosseto, a small town in Tuscany, from a working-class family. The need to express himself comes soon, in the 90’s, when he starts drawing his first comics loaded of provocation and teenage riot.
After a decade (2000’s) spent in Milan studying and working in design he moves to Barcelona, hometown of his partner, because of her health problems.
A season of deep transformation begins. What could be tragedy becomes an opportunity to face life with renewed energy.
He begins to reflect on some themes that will recur later in his work: the debate between determinism and indeterminism, human nature and social pressure on the individual.
Nannini abandons design and enters the underground artistic life of the city, he lives frugally and takes advantage of free time studying and refining his artistic skills.

It is not until 2014 when he presents the first exhibition under the pseudonym Cane.

From there, his style becomes more articulate: the influences of the comic masters Andrea Pazienza and Benito Jacovitti, the flamish painters Bosch and Bruguel the Elder and the contemporary Lowbrow scene are noticed.
He has spent the last couple of years experimenting with different supports and formats, with a special focus on the digital animation and the activity in the streets of Barcelona where he has gradually entered into the most recognized street-artists of the city, thanks to his vibrant and provocative style.

Currently he lives and works in Barcelona.

Irene Cases

Irene Cases’ work is born from the reflection on the construction of the body, its identity and the derived conflicts, through personal genealogies and external influences.
Transgressing the limits of appearance, rejection, imperfection, scar, wrinkle, the passage of time, fragility, waiting, struggle, coexistence, dissatisfaction, fear, disgust and violence, are some of the ideas and sensations that the pieces reveal.
Irene looks for the constant game between the internal and the external, the hard and the soft, the static and the fluid, an organic aspect related to the representation of corporality, which at first sight causes displeasure, but at the same time generates an inexplicably curious attraction .
For the development and creation of the works she uses the technique of casting aluminum, this material giving Irene a more industrial vision and appearance and allows her to solidify organic forms in motion, to be able to mix it with nylon textiles, which provide a more corporal vision and fragile in the sculptures.

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Ramon Guimaraes

Ramon has exhibited and performed in Matadero (Madrid), LaBoral (Gijón), and in Barcelona, ​​at MACBA, Fundació Joan Miró, the Center d’Art Santa Mònica, Espace Ample, Homesession and Haimney Gallery.

He currently develops his work in the city of Barcelona.

Ramon has a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master in Interactive Audiovisual Communication at the U.B. (University of Barcelona).

His work is part of the collections of the Vila Casas Foundation, the collector Franco de Toledo, Homesession (Olivier Collet, Jérôme Lefaure), the Esplugues de Llobregat City Council, the Joan Brossa Foundation and the MACBA.

Gimena Herrera

Gimena Herrera’s work is inspired by her real life. The lines between her artistic work and her life are very much blurred, and although that can sometimes be a problem as she says, most of the time it makes Gimena feel lucky, because she finds inspiration from what happens around her minute-by-minute, day-by-day.

In the words of Gimena:

“A butterfly perches on my index finger, the dream of the previous night, my own and others’ memories. All my paintings are, in some way, self-portraits. Places where I was, people I met and others that I didn’t, but somehow I feel close. I am inspired by the pain of living in the world, the joy of finding myself. The photographs I take on the street and those I borrow from the internet. The movies I watch, the music I listen to. Everything makes up my universe.”

Gimena understands art as a total complex without limits. Her effort is to try not to close to a single language in the world of art. She works with painting, video, photography, writing and music while exploring the limits of all five mediums.

In 2017, she won the 1st Young Artist Award of the Premier  National Painting Prize presented by the Central Bank of Argentina. That same year Herrera received an acquisition mention in the Arte Vittal room, from Modos Gallery (Argentina).

Gimena Herrera was born in Buenos Aires in 1985. Her work encompasses painting, documentary photography and audiovisual production. Since 2017, Herrera lives and works in Barcelona.

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In Socatoba’s work as an artist and in her evolution as a person, the processes of reflection and personal encounter in contact with other realities as well as the development of technical and intellectual skills, are for her a whole indivisible that is enriched and constantly feeds. This connects personal and social experience with artistic production and knowledge for Socatoba.

The new humanisms, the connection with the context and the environment both global and social, are realities and crucial speeches of the contemporary in the historical context in which we live are of paramount importance to her as an artist.

Socatoba has a curiosity exacerbated and a need – almost obsessive – of communication through the medium of art. Her search not only is based in beauty visual,  but in the truth of the human being – in the representation of conflicts internal – of longings, doubts and passions of a humanity very accustomed to hide the imperfections of the soul and of the environment. For this reason, one points that interest for Socatoba as an artist is to connect human beings not only with their social environment (construction ideological) but with personal building (our “I” internal).

In her artistic work Socatoba attempts to accomplish with each creation a sense that the Viewer is not indifferent or unmoved. Just as in the creative process, the artist is not exempt from this personal involvement – empathic and visceral – where the artist not only embodies their knowledge, but about their own experiences, experiences and feelings.

Socatoba is from Spain, born in 1979.