A Different Conversation About Technology

Event is conducted in English

Enjoy a panel discussion at Tech Nights! The panel discusses on a monthly global technology topics and how they relate to the tech sector locally here in Barcelona. Our goal is to bring the technology conversation back to broader and more philosophical perspective to inspire a collaborative learning and sharing experience. With an artistic canvas – one of the most unique locations in Barcelona -technology-based dialogue can return to its creative roots.

September’s discussion will be on the impact of technology outpacing the abilities and oversight of city institutions, and what that means to the general public. We will discuss the application of this impact from music, transportation, and political perspectives, and how to balance technology and institutions to improve our day to day experiences in Barcelona.

Our panel consists of:


Anarosa Butler (actress, DJ, and presenter)

Guest Speakers

Pancho Tolchinshky (Researcher in Cognitive Sciences)

Azucena Micó (Sound Diplomacy)

and a special guest to be announced one week prior to the event.

7:00 PM Doors Open

7:30 PM Panel Engagement

9:00 PM Post event mix and mingle with DJ Set

With the purchase of your 9€ event ticket, you will receive your first beer free of charge, courtesy of Stella Artois.

There are limited tickets available.

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