Haimney is pleased to present a group exhibition entitled Perpetuum, featuring the following artists.

Pabli Stein: Translucent skin

“Fascinated with the images of fashion magazines, Pabli Stein takes them by storm, makes them his own, without doubt as an excuse to unleash his other passion, painting. The figurative reconstruction of that image that obsesses him is a task that he undertakes with dedication ”..“ Stein undertakes the task as a physical act, confronts the initial image on the canvas that at the beginning serves as a bed for love and at the end delimits the scene of a crime, of a crime of passion where neither reason nor intellect intervenes. And at this point it is worth opening a parenthesis and saying that when the art system is governed by a conceptualism that borders the impersonal, this gesture reads as a declaration of principles ”
M.S. Dansey

Bernat Saus

Saus continues the development of his latest series, offering us an aesthetic experience that challenges contemporary commitments from the intimacy of his studio in the skirts of Montserrat. Claiming the artist’s trade, his cosmogony inspires us to rediscover organic forms, a return to essential nature that threatens the traditional vision with an unusual aesthetic sensibility.

Julieta Alvarez

Alverez works are full of abstraction exert a communicative, liberating and enjoyment effect, transmitting energz through the use of radiant and intense colors and movement in compositions created with mixed media, spontaneous strokes.  Unexpected forms emerge that attempt to unveil messages and images intertwined with a background full of information creating infinite, real and magical worlds.

Seek to share joy and uncertainty.

Each work is designed with the objective of being able to observe four different stories told from the perspective that it decides to place itself, making the observer participate through his personal interpretation.

Camil Giralt

“Painting is my daily challenge, my inner journey, of knowledge, of introspection. At present, this interior look takes landscapes as a reference. Open, distant, calm, very basic spaces, with no more element than the sky and the sea or the earth, where I find the distance, depth and silence that are necessary for me.
I work several series of works that are different approaches to the same subject. Simultaneous series that are fed back, that influence each other, making them evolve. Works painted in silence and with a horizontal stroke, always horizontal, minimizing and simplifying its content, painting more sensations and feelings than not images, letting myself be carried away by what is emerging until I find what I call my balance. In these abstract landscapes, the horizon has been increasingly taking center stage and, unconsciously, has become one of the important and necessary elements in many of my works. Horizon far and, at the same time, very close. An obviously marine horizon, which wants to contain all its immensity. A look out, which I recognize as interior, as introspection. An element so simple but that is fundamental and powerful. A search for simplicity, the distance of everything and everyone, the inner silence, the stillness that leads to the awakening of consciousness. ”

Iván Montaña

“My painting is a visceral reflection of freedom. It is an engine of encounters, a plastic reading, a poetic record amid waste, of mass consumption.
and universal decline. A search for beauty in oblivion through paint and stubble materials. Wrappers, papers, fabrics or
Broken cartons, which are somehow the imprint of the urban soul, of memory.
I work and think on my own. From the absolute loneliness, from the daily experience of work and concentration. Looking deep down and investigating the microcosm of small things leads me to find the link and the
energy that happens inert materials. The color ranges, composition and texture. The forms and state of deterioration in which they are found. Forgotten signs of life, closed in the internal structure of things.
A union of feelings linked to emotions and encounters between all the elements and colors where the links occur, where they are drawn with gestures the vicissitudes, where the immediate truth and the need to exist are painted. They make up a sensitive line full of brushstrokes, strokes and broken, marks and letters. Composite forms within a period of time, within a
piece of space An expressive force that can hardly be compared to anything.
Nothing can be more current and contemporary than the immediate past, than the marks, the reflections and the signs that one leaves. That’s why I mix, draw, break, trace and paint, to know who I am. ”


The exhibition launches September 5th, 2019 at 7 pm, with the opening night closing at 10 pm. The exhibition runs through until the end of September and is free entry.