Haimney Presents Franco Fasoli – Public/Private

Franco Fasoli presents his book, “Public / Private 10 years of the career of artist Franco Fasoli”, a work where Fasoli describes his career from two perspectives:that of the public sphere and that of his most intimate work. Join us Thursday November 28th at 19:00 with an exhibition of his work specifically chosen by Fasoli to celebrate the occasion.
Franco Fasoli is one of the most famous and talented urban artist of the Argentine artistic scene. The art of Fasoli is influenced by both his ceramic studies and by the local technique of “porteño filleting” from his native Buenos Aires where he developed his techniques not only as a muralist and artist, but also as a set designer. At the end of the last decade, Fasoli introduced his work of characters combining human bodies with animal heads, which has come to life not only on canvas and murals but also in his striking sculptures, and adopting influences from Mexican wrestling plus football hooliganism. Fasoli has successfully incorporated techniques and mediums from scenography work, utilising such components as latex paint, tar, gasoline, acrylic, and aerosol to bring his incredible creations to life.
Fasoli now works and resides in Barcelona.
This is one exhibition not to miss, and a unique opportunity to see the work of one of Argentina’s innovative, talented and acclaimed artists.
Haimney is thrilled to host Fasoli’s work and to introduce his new book sharing his two distinctive spheres of his life.
Franco Fasoli (@FrancoFasoliJaz) is presented by Haimney in conjunction with Ink and Movement (@inkandmovement)