Imagenes de buenas tardes para facebook

Imagenes de buenas tardes para facebook
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Phrases of the afternoon

Phrases and Images that you can findChildren are an important part of our life as parents, that's why we must guide them with Words for a son.Some phrases for our sons:

Sometimes I realize that you are growing up too fast. I realize that time flies by and that I must take advantage of every day that I have you by my side, I must work hard to get you through and hug you every chance I get.

I just want you to know how much I love you son, son, and that I will protect you until you are grown up. But once you are an adult, I will still have your back.Phrases for sons: My sons are very bright, loving and polite beings.Words for a son:

When we are on the street always hold my hand, always stand by me because since you were born you are my prince charming, you are the one who protects me and takes care of me, you are the one who gives me security because you are the love of my life.

You don't know how much you miss a person until you get used to them. The bad thing is that fathers and mothers don't realize this until they lose it. There is no greater lesson than to appreciate what you have now, just as I try to appreciate my son.

Nice evening for you

⇒| The nights are long because you are not with me. On this day that you are so far away, I want to tell you from the bottom of my heart that you are the best thing I have. Sleep well my princess, I will never stop loving you.

These are some of the best Goodnight Quotes for her or his wife or girlfriend . You can send these Good Night Quotes , along with good night images to greet her for this wonderful night . You can search more Good night quotes for her in other categories.

Good afternoon greetings

After holding a bilateral meeting with the Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, Boric spoke to Canadian businessmen and promised good diplomatic relations, in addition to demystifying some accusations he said there were against him.

"Some say about me or about our government that we will be the next Maduro or things like that: that is not true. We really believe in democracy, we really are committed to respecting human rights, we want a stronger State, but a stronger State is not possible without the private sector", said President Boric.

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