In 2017, the founder of Haimney arrived from Argentina an idea of bringing talented network of Argentinian artists to Europe, deciding on Barcelona as the city for the venture.  Why Barcelona? They were enamoured with the vibrancy of the creative community in the city, and the mix of talented artisans from all over the world who have in the last decade converged in Barcelona.

This epiphany caused them to expand the idea beyond just Argentinian artists, as it was soon discovered there are Catalan, Ukranian, Russian, Italian, French, Swiss, Spanish, British, and other international artists who share the same love of Barcelona and the creativity it has spawned from the historically famous people such as Gaudi, Picasso, and Dali.

They fell in love with the area of upper El Born, near the iconic Arc de Triomf, and the universe provided him an opportunity to lease a space that was empty and derelict. The space was in the first modernist building constructed on Carrer Trafalgar for the 1887 World’s Fair, and retained much of its character, despite its current state on the inside.

After 6 months of construction work,  the space was transformed. Today, 400 square metres on three levels are dedicated to providing a multi-disciplinary space for artists, sculptors, musicians, visual artists, graphic designers, and more a home to express and share their creativity.