HAIMNEY GALLERY Trafalgar 70, Barcelona.

    Creemos en el influencia de la experiencia, del arte, la ciencia y del oficio para desarrollar nuestros distintos aspectos como seres humanos.

Proponemos hacerlo en un entorno estimulante donde todo el proceso creativo; Aprender la técnica, idear el concepto y manifestar la pieza se realizarán en la propia escena artística de la ciudad.

Abrimos la galería a todos con esta nueva propuesta, para estar cerca de aquellos a los que admiramos y con los quienes queremos crecer a la par.


We believe in the influence of experience, art, science and trade to develop our different aspects as human beings.

We propose to do it in a stimulating environment where the whole creative process; Learning the technique, devising the concept and manifesting the piece is done in the city's own artistic scene.

We open the gallery to everyone with this new proposal, to be close to those we admire and with whom we want to grow alongside.


Creiem en el influència de l'experiència, de l'art, la ciència i de l'ofici per desenvolupar els nostres diferents aspectes com a éssers humanos.Proponemos fer-ho en un entorn estimulant on tot el procés creatiu; Aprendre la tècnica, idear el concepte i manifestar la peça es realitzaran en la pròpia escena artística de la ciutat.

Obrim la galeria a tots amb aquesta nova proposta, per estar a prop d'aquells als que admirem i amb els qui volem créixer al mateix temps.

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Unbounded, Unleashed, Unforgiving.

It is a confrontation and at the same time a process of constant transformation.

Technological development and general digitalization lead us to a continuous abstraction of our world where virtuality is a dimension of identity and not a distinct identity that coexists with other identities, overcoming space-time barriers and configuring an environment in which the Information and communication are shown to us affordable from previously unknown perspectives, at least in terms of volume and possibilities.

Could it be that our virtue is this virtuality?

The definition of virtual refers to efficiency to produce a result, although it reproduces it in opposition to reality, it meets the characteristics and has an apparent, simulated existence; The virtual environments lead us to new creative spaces, hitherto not experienced, expanding the communicative potential.

Etymologically this word comes from the adjective "virtual" and the abstract suffix "ity" that indicates quality. Its reference corresponds to the Latin "virtus" and on it a root is distinguished in "vir" associated with the bravery of the warrior, in this exclusive framework of the masculine gender: value, virtue, quality of the man.

But in this case we enhance the feminine quality of emotions, abstract and incorporeal, at the same time extremely connected with the biological cycles that govern us, facilitate the connection and the essential actions to achieve sustainable collaboration and evolution.

Through analog and digital media we invite you to be part of  “Unbounded Unleashed Unforgiving_” 


Agustina Palazzo
Desiree De Stefan
Gemma Penya Ferrer
Hef Prentice
Indra Zabala
Natalia Garcia
Sasha Smirnova & Sena Partal
Victoria Pidust
Katya Quel Elizarova